Football has leagues all across the world and is a sport that is watched by nearly every single country in the world which no other sport can say. More people watch football globally then any other single sporting event and each year millions of pounds, if not billions of pounds are wagered on the outcome of football matches on popular bookmakers like Many people bet on football because it makes it more enjoyable to watch, but a lot of people also bet on the sport because it’s a fairly easy sport to make money in. With most games being fairly easy to predict you should be able to follow a league and learn quickly which teams to bet on. Before you can bet on the football matches though you’re going to need to learn how to bet on the sport.

How to Read Football Odds

The way the odds are displayed for football matches is going to depend on where your sportsbook is located. If you’re playing with a USA/Canadian sportsbook then the odds will be different then if you’re playing on a UK/European sportsbook. Since I don’t know which sportsbook everyone is going to be playing at we will briefly look at the two most common ways that the odds may be displayed.

  • Manchester United -130 vs. Arsenal +110 Draw +240

You will usually find the betting odds displayed above on the US/Canadian sportsbooks and in the above example the odds are telling you that you need to bet $130 on Man U for every $100 profit and that for every $100 you bet on Arsenal you’d make $110. If the game is a draw then you’d win $240 for every $100 wagered in the above example.

  • Manchester United 3/4 vs. Arsenal 5/4 Draw 4/1

In the above example the odds are shown in fractions with the front number displaying how many units you profit and the back number displaying the amount of units you need to risk.

Types of Football Bets

You can make a lot of different types of bets when you wager on football matches. The most common types of bets you can make is choosing which team will win and the over/under. These are the easiest bets to cap for any given game so you should stick with these if you’re just beginning to bet on this sport. Once you become familiar with it and the players on the different teams then you can start looking at the other types of bets.

You can usually make a lot of different bets on every football match such as choosing who will score first, who will score last, who will score the most, which team will have the most corners, which team will have the most shots, etc. There are tons of different bets most online bookies allow you to make on football games, but most of them are just luck if you win and you shouldn’t really bet on them often.

A good way to make a nice return with your money when you’re betting is to find 2-3 games that you can parlay together to increase the amount of the payout in case you predict the correct outcome on all games. In a parlay all the games need to win, but if they do then you get paid out nicely and always a lot more then if you just bet on one game.